Ethical soap: Pure & Natural

This is a post we've been sitting on since February. When I was in Chicago in February I came across this brand, Pure & Natural in the local Target. The bar soap is the standout product of this range and the Grapefruit & Pomegranate scent was really clean and citrusy. The formulation is 99% of natural origins, which doesn't mean much to anyone who knows anything about the semantics behind beauty products... all I can say is that the formulations don't seem any worse than, say, a bar of English Leather or Ivory and the overtly wannabe-green branding is tempered by the one thing.

That one thing is the packaging on the bar of soap: it's entirely biodegradable. But it's not just that... it's that you don't even have to throw it away. The biodegradable container actually contains the seeds of baby's breath so you can plant it in your garden instead of just chucking it in the recycling bin.

How cool.