Kings & Queens candles

Kings and Queens is the inventive range of bodycare and, now, candles from the cult Greek brand, Korres. Each of their different scents has a basis in history -- quite the novelty. George III Lime is named for the fact that King George III ordered sailors to drink lime juice daily to ward off scurvy, the scourge of the Briitsh navy in the 18th century. Chinese Princess Jasmine was made with a legend in mind that says an 'ancient Chinese princess planted only jasmine in her gardens so that her lover would never forget his vows' as jasmine is believed to strengthen feelings of love. King Solomon Cedar was named as such because this King of Isreal built the first Temple of Jerusalem with precious cedar wood -- both fragrant and decay-resistant... and so on and so forth.

At Christmas, we used the Caspar Myrrh shimmering body milk. Now, we can light their lovely candles in our office, the test bathroom... everywhere because they smell so divine. The Aztec King Vanilla Pear candle is delicious. The candles come in mini paint cans and are clean burning.

Look out for body scrubs, bath oils and body oils to come.

Kings and Queens Candles