NYC beauty news: Damone Roberts Studio opens

In the US, you might know Damone Roberts as the man from 10 Years Younger with the impossibly perfect eyebrows. In the UK, you probably haven't heard of him. But, yes, he does have the best eyebrows I've ever seen... on a man or woman. And he's just opened his 2nd salon, this one in NYC (the 1st is in LA). He even has his own range of brow tools (I wonder how he and Anastasia (of recent Sephora fame) feel about each other... talons out?).

Next time I'm in Manhattan I'm reviewing that Salon. Can't wait to get in there and see if Damone to transform my sparse brows.

Damone Roberts New York
574 5th Ave, 6th Floor
New York, N.Y 10036