American beauty news: Redpoint Blushwhip

Just read about this on an American beauty blog. It's by a brand called Redpoint that seems to be gaining steam in the daddy of all beauty markets. I had a breeze through the about us and, to be honest, phrases like 'At first glance, you’ll love redpoint’s sexy red packaging and gorgeous colors.' just make me cringe. Really? Sexy red packaging? I'm pretty sure it's plastic (and not cool, bakelite-style plastic) packaging and it just looks a bit drugstore.

The concealer did win a beauty award from Self magazine this month and they do touch on the subject of active complexes in colour cosmetics (and do include full ingredient lists for each of their products), which isn't really done. Even in skincare, most of the bumpf you read about this or that containing Vitamin A or Vitamin C or whatever ingredient is pretty farcical as virtually none of these products has enough of said active ingredient to make a difference unless they're medical-grade/professional. In any event, whipped makeup is always fun and I'll have to have a go with this Blushwhip stuff next time I'm stateside.