Best beauty buy? Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter

This stuff's been flying off the shelves as fast as Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Serum did after that television spot. Which tells me 2 things:

1. Women are willing to try things that their peers say actually works.
2. Beauty products don't have to be super expensive if they work.

With forums and social networks nowadays people talk and word spreads ever more quickly. Why is there now a waiting list for this product? Probably not because it works miracles. Nothing does that and if it did, you can be sure that the Vatican would whisk it back to the grand holy vault before you could get your hands on it.

It's flying off shelves because of word-of-mouth to the tune of 30,000 pots already this year. The price probably helps a bit, but people are desperate for real information about products and honesty good products. Plus, if you've got a little one, why not just get 2 tubs, one for junior and one for yourself.

So what are the stats on the new product du jour?

WHAT: Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter
PRICE: £2.49
WHY: Apparently it softens the skin. But of course! That's what it's meant to do wherever it's used. It's a good moisturiser. It probably works equally well on cracked heels, elbows and all over the body.
WHAT'S IN IT: Hard to tell from the site, although it does say that the product is 'chamomile-scented' and contains 'olive oil'. We'll get a full ingredient list and post it up here soon.

We think that the InLight range of body and face butters are pretty good too, although they're for a different price point. Check out the Organic Line Softener and Organic Night Balm. It's made by the same Dr. Spiezia that did the original Spiezia range. He makes everything on his farm in Cornwall.