Cornish beauty treats

Cornwall is good for more than just the pasties (although they are really good). It's so green and so far from the detritus of city life that seems to pollute our everyday in urban centres. The landscape looks like a giant rumpled green quilt. And it's home to some great brands (hard to believe for those that think London is the center of the universe... I admit, I felt a bit like that over the years and have since had that notion rightfully dashed to pieces).

The ones you should look into immediately? We think:
Profile Skincare: Not exactly Cornish but from Somerset so close enough. Handmade, simple packaging in glass bottles, pH levels on all lables, good for men, women and kiddies. Bath oils have Turkey Red Oil, which is the least messy one for the bath (only dispersible oil in water). The lady who owns it started making creams 40 years ago and hasn't stopped since.
Trevarno: You can stay there and you can take away their beautiful beauty products.
InLight: We wrote about them the other day. Brilliant range of products that are good enought to eat (kind of like Dr. Alkaitis). From the ground up it's an ethical and effective range. Made by Dr. Spiezia on his farm in Cornwall.
Seboni: For some reason, I get the feeling that they're winding this operation down, so grab some of their body masks before they do.