Sunny hues for the a warm London weekend: Chanel Robertson Boulevard Colour Collection

Chanel Robertson Collection

We've seen this on a few of our other favourite beauty blogs (Blogdorf Goodman among others) and thought it would make a beautifully sunny last entry for the week. The weather's been inspiring for the past three days. Sunshine, warmth... it really does make you feel better. And Chanel's limited edition Robertson Boulevard Colour Collection of nail varnishes would be ideal to wear. Alas, they're not available to the greater population of our wee island until July 2008, but if you happen to be on Robertson Boulevard in L.A. on 30 May 2008, pop in for a bottle. If a plane ticket is more than you're willing to part with for a bottle of varnie, then Nails Inc does a B-R-I-G-H-T yellow called Carnaby Street. Not my bag, but might work for you, especially if you have darker skin. Yellow would look cool. The Hot Tropical set looks oddly similar to the Robertson Collection.