Cult products from the US: Thermaclear and Clarisonic

Clarisonic is old news in the UK, especially for those lucky enough to go to the states and pick up one, plus an adapter. The grapevine has it that this exfoliating machine is working on a universal converter right now so that they can be retailed in the EU. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thermaclear is one of those new devices that uses thermal energy (or heat as we know it) to clear spots quicker. Like My Zeno but quicker. You put it on your spot for two seconds as it momentarily zaps it with a pin prick of high heat, killing the bacteria beneath the surface. This device is making its way to British shores shortly as well.

Clarisonic and Thermaclear

We love the new devices although the level of at-home treatment that now exists is a bit mad! hand-held lasers, thermal zit zappers, supersonic toothbrushes... they do all seem like things, as a child of the '80s, of the future. I'm sure they had toys like this in Total Recall and Mad Max.

I've got my mitts on a Thermaclear early so will be trialling it now and will report back shortly. All I can say thus far is that the heat actually does feel like a pin prick, so it's not painless (although it's entirely tolerable). And it makes noises that sounds a bit like Space Invaders.