Ormonde Jayne, Molecules, Jo Malone and Le Labo for Father's Day

What are the chances you've bought your pops one of the following for Father's Day: a tie, a book, socks, wine, scotch or cologne? Most child-rearing males have received something from that list. Dads are easy to shop for; they don't want much. My pops is a man's man... spends his weekends in the garage tinkering while listening to NPR, in his basement workshop waxing his skiis or, indeed skiing. He once even built is own snow mobile from scratch so he could groom his own cross-country ski trails. He doesn't need much in the way of gifts. Of the above list, cologne is the way forward... but that's an IF your pops doesn't already have a signature scent (Brut, anyone?). If he does, get a bottle of the fiery stuff. Even if he doesn't drink it, it'll come in handy when guests are about. If he's want for something to spray on his pulse points, check out Molecules 01 and 02, Escentric 01 and 02, Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir and Amber & Lavender, Le Labo Rose 31 and Ormonde Jayne Isfarkand.

Best scents for Dad

You'll notice that Jo Malone is the only Big Cosmetic name featured on here. That's because most mainstream colognes are CRAP. Stay away from that horrid Tom Ford mank. The ads are so art-wanky that any man who goes out an buys a bottle after seeing one should be strung up by his toe-nails and re-programmed a la A Clockwork Orange. Most scents are produced in the same few scent laboratories and, believe me, they're not the ones of old in Grasse. They're in New Jersey.

And your Dad doesn't want to smell like a hormonal, spotty teenager anyway, so step away from the Dolce & Gabbana and the Acqua di Gio. The same goes for the Gaultier.

Instead, opt for one of the ones listed here. Molecules 01 and Escentric 02 are cult fragrances that have the Iso E Super molecule in them, giving them their distinctive woody smell. Molecules 02 and Escentric 02 are the next generation from This Company, with unprecedented amounts of Ambroxan (an extract from Ambergrs). All four have very subtle but addictive aromas. For a single note fragrance check out the Le Labo Rose 31. It's rose but not your nan's rose. It works on a man. If your Dad likes a simple scent, this should do the trick for him. If he likes something a bit deeper, the Jo Malone sweet Pomegranate Noir and woody Amber & Lavender are both good, just a touch more complex and not too overpowering.

The daddy of all, well, Dad scents is the Ormonde Jayne men's fragrance, Isfarkand. It's a touch citrusy and changes very much over time. Talking to the founder of Ormonde Jayne, I realised just how profound a scent it was... it should smell good on you but also smell good on the jackets and scarves hanging in your closet days later. It lingers but it isn't heavy. Wallpaper voted it best men's fragrance. We think we agree (although it's a close one, between Isfarkand and Molecules and Escentric).