DHC Japan stickers and sample pack

Beauty branding quite often does my head in because of the sheer cheek and the often-times confusing-to-the-point-of-despair language employed to pedal wares to women. However there are times when I don't greet it with such a withering and skeptical sideways glance. It would have been pretty hard to do so when a promotion arrived on our doorstep from DHC this morning.

They are hell-bent on pushing their way into the UK market and have cropped up everywhere imaginable since their initial foray earlier this year, from faux news supplements in the glossies to online pop-ups.

But their most recent campaign so neatly employs the Japanese idea of 'cuteness' (kawaii) perfectly. Use your strengths, I say, and cute branding definitely has its place alongside the pseudo-scientific, the cool, the classic and, indeed, the properly scientific. This campaign came packaged in a purple and white polka-dotted envelope with Telly Tubby-style flowers on front and these sweet stickers packed on the inside along with four tiny samples (mild lotion, deep cleansing oil, virgin olive oil and mild soap). Even the size of the samples was kawaii.

DHC Samples