Vibrating mascara... not a cult classic

Yes, I do seem grumpy today but I think it's the number of irritating things that have crossed my path, the icing on the vexing cake being the appearance of vibrating mascara on the market by Estée Lauder (TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara) and Lancôme (Ôscillation) . This news is already a week old but thinking about it, I've realised there's not a single battery-powered device that has yet to become a must-have in the beauty industry. I'm not sure if the extra weight of a heft mascara wand is going to make it into my luggage on trips as, frankly, I can live without it. Plus, you already spend a ton on the mascara as well... who wants to pay the extra for batteries?

Marie Claire says 'the company claims that the magic lies in the movement, explaining there is, 'a relationship between vibration, length, volume, separation and curl,"and that the new product creates perfect mascara application the instant the vibrating brush touches your lash line."' I'm not really sure about that. A deft hand usually does the trick.

Okay, I'll stop the moaning. At least they're just launching in the states for now. The Guardian's piece on the same thing (17 June 2008) ended with a brilliant para:

"All this is considered acceptable because society deems that there is no length to which women should not strive to cultivate hirsuteness in some quarters, while neurotically policing it in others. If only Lauder and friends could devise a product that took hair from legs, 'tache, and nether regions and winningly relocated it about the head, lashes, and brows; vibration an optional extra."