Top mascaras right now: Diorshow Blackout et al

Mascaras in a row

mascara has traditionally been one of my top 3 mascara pics for years with Great Lash in black and Lancôme Définicils following at a close 2nd and 3rd. Diorshow makes me look like I'm wearing falsies when I'm not, Great Lash makes the whites of your eyes look brighter because of the blue pigment in its formula and Définicils separates lashes, making them look super long.

Diorshow Blackout Mascara

tastes have changed ever so slightly of late. If I'm not trialling Blinc mascara nowadays (which is fast becoming my daytime mascara of choice as it's so easy to remove and leaves not a trace of makeup on your face or in your eyes), I'm now wearing Diorshow Blackout. It makes my lashes look as thick and long as Twiggy's do in that iconic photo where the wide-eyed '60s It Girl is sporting no less than 6 pair of false lashes. No lie. With a bit of liquid black liner I have Bardot-esque eyes all night.

The only problem with the Blackout is that if I get the formula a bit too close to the lash line as I apply it, my eyes sting. And they certainly sting when I take it off, as it ain't easy to remove and it gets all smeary in my eyes. Unfortunately, the best way to apply it is to get the brush right in at the base of the lashes and wiggle it as you slowly bring the brush up through the lashes, doing it a couple of times where you want the most fullness and making sure to do it especially at the outer corners. This leaves you in a bit of a bother with the whole eye irritation thing, though, doesn't it?

Of note as well is Avon's new superShock mascara. Similarly packaged and equipped with voluminous brush a la Blackout, it hasn't yielded the same results as the Blackout mascara, although it does give good dramatic eyelashes for daytime look.

Although my next stop on the last front might be to go with those semi-perm eyelash extensions just to see... although, mind you, if anyone comments on how nice my lashes are, you won't catch me batting the fluttery lovlies and pretending they're real (shame on those who do that)... I'll past on the tip or at least let the admiring eyes know that what they covet is the fruit of crafty artistry rather than winnings from the genetic lottery.