Rose beauty products


Rose products

We're in the process of doing a tried and test on rose products. The two cleansers are Pai's Camellia & Rose Cleanser and Ilcsi's new Rose Petal Cleanser, followed by Ilcsi's Rose Petal Whip Moisturiser and Urban Retreats' The Moisturiser. Other great rose products out there Ilcsi's other rose items, Le Labo's Rose 31 and Ila's Facial Oil. For now, the Ilcsi and Pai cleansers are going down a treat, although we think Pai might be pulling ahead slightly. We've used our homemade muslin clothes with both. The texture of both cleansers is super creamy and they feel great when massaged deeply into the skin. Both also seem to calm and matify the skin and the gentle fragrance is very feminine and subtle and perfect for summer.