Good packaging: Avon PRO-TO-GO lippy

This is just a nod to good packaging. There aren't many lip products that are so easy to use on the run, as Ms Witherspoon herself admits in the ad for this stuff. But... as much as I hate to admit that advertising is occassionally not horribly wrong and misleading, she is sort of correct about the Avon PRO-TO-GO lipstick.

Avon Pro To Go

It's the best packaging for lippy to keep in your handbag. Honestly, if I have to spend one more night picking red lippy out of the diminutive keys on my Zoolander-sized mobile, I will not be a happy lady. With this stuff, you just whip it out of your bag with one hand and use the thumb on that same very hand to to open it and push up the lipstick and close it all in one go. And the formulation is smooth even if it's not the cleanest list of ingredients. The only thing that I think this packaging could do with is a mirror down one side and possibly a sturdier shell (plastic breaks easily in the bottom of a bag).