Top 5... summer lipglosses

(from left to right):
Bobbi Brown tinted lip balms:
It's like chap stick but with SPF and really sheer but pretty colour. They are simple, come in stick-form and are good for every day use as the colour and texture are less dramatic (£12.00 at Selfridges or online at Bobbi Brown).

Belmacz 24 Carat Gold Leap lipgloss
in Cornelian: I love the gel texture of this gloss, which leaves your lips with a glass-like surface... the specs of gold and the subtle yet bright colour make your lips look beautifully healthy and lush alongside tan skin (I tried it after holiday). The tint stays even when the lippy rubs off. My new favourite... (£19, also comes in Scarlet, Ruby, Moonstone, Magenta).

glominerals gloLiquid lips
: This is the only tube of gloss on this list with reason as it has loads of shine without the flypaper glue qualities of like tubed glosses... it's a bit more fluid and thus easier to manipulate. The smell is sweet, but not chemically so, and the colour is deep for a gloss, which I like. It's the perfect way to dress up a no-makeup or low-makeup summer look... hand over fist better than Juicy Tubes (not sure if it is yet available in the UK. Dollar price is approximately $14).

Wallet lipgloss in Cotton Candy and Melon: Again, this one isn't available in the UK yet but we are dutifully waiting for the day it is and we are going to snap it up. Wallet does fabulous glosses. Formulated and made right in Cali, the Cotton Candy looks good on almost everyone and the brighter colours, like Melon, look good on darker skin tones or skin with a tan. Again, great for hols (even if the tan is fake!). The texture of the gloss fills in the lines on your lips and makes them look bigger and it stays on for ages without being too sticky. This summer we like this wand gloss best (available in the US for $18).

Lipstick Queen Shine lipgloss: Although Gold Saint is temporarily out of stock on the Lipstick Queen site, it is an all-around mega-gloss that works alone or on top of lipstick to warm up the colour. It's all about kitsch appeal with these... all elements are amplified... shine, colour, etc. Wear one of these, like the Red Sinner, for a bit of flair without the commitment of, say, highly pigmented red lipstick (I am thinking Ruby Woo or Poppy's super-pigmented reds). SpaceNK only has the matte Oxymoron lipgloss available online but you can trial the Shine glosses in-store for now... fingers crossed we can get a few on the CB site (£18 at SpaceNK throughout Britain).

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What are your favourite summer lippies? Have any recommendations? I am all ears... love to hear what you think!