Brilliant tip for applying eye makeup

Alright, so most of us don't do the whole winged eye makeup look everyday... in fact, I bet most of us never do it because of the fact that doing it occasionally is a surefire way to end up with wingtips pointing in completely different directions - after hours of meticulously cleaning up (in vain, I might add) the shadowy overspill and the accidental lines on your lower brow bone from blinking too hard whilst your liquid liner is still wet. It's a nightmare and nearly impossible to do good eyes with an unpractised hand.

And I feel a fool for not having seen the light earlier... why depend on my shaky hands to draw perfect and identical lines or shadows or whatever over each eye? They don't match (one droopy lid) and I ain't ambidextrous so why the hell have I ever ever thought that somehow my eye makeup would ever turn out looking correct? Maybe this is why I always do the smudgy, smoky, slept-in-it look. That way you can get away with it sliding all over.

Until now. Our friend the British Beauty Blogger got this genius (so simple... aren't the most brilliant answers always though) tip for applying eye makeup... put a bit of gift tape on your skin to create a line (maybe do the rest of your makeup after) and peel it off when you're done.