New London Luxe to open this month

New London Luxe space

New London Pharmacy's New London Luxe space opens this month. It's 3000 square feet of of home and lifestyle fun on the first floor above the European-style pharmacy on Manhattan's lower west side. Just like the pharmacy, the Luxe space features a tightly edited collection but this time it's of home/lifestyle products from around the world, rather than beauty and wellbeing, in an intimate atmosphere (think a smaller hybrid of Colette/Flair/Corso Como with a bit less edge). Most of the stock is one-of-a-kind, including a 1920s ceiling to floor chandelier sourced fro a Belgian castle and handmade Murano glass stemware ($400 a glass).

New London Luxe space 2

It's not a traditional showroom in any sense. The feel is more that of a club than a shop, where you can browse and sip a drink at your leisure in a private, eclectic space where every single thing is available to buy.

New London Luxe space 3

In addition to the home and lifestyle shop, New London Luxe we host book-signings, private parties, trunk shows and anything else that catches their collective eye (they even do complimentary in-house interior design and contracting consultation).

We hear that New York Times perfume critic Chandler Burr is already booked into the space to do a lecture.