The New New Face of Madonna in NY Mag

New York Magazine Madonna Cover

Madonna has been all over the press lately... first because of her no-makeup look coming out of the Kabbalah centre in Manhattan and then on the cover of New York Magazine's issue for 11 August. The cover is above and as it appeared in the Daily Mail below. The Mail did an article on Madonna's face (and her suspicious silence forever maintained on the subject of surgical enhancement) and NY magazine did a piece on what they coin The New New Face. What do you think? I don't know if I give a hoot but, man, have a look at the Michigan-native Ceccione. Do we really all need/want/strive for a specific formula of voluminous face and 81-degree angles that is apparently the recipe for ideal beauty as illustrated with this cover?

Madonna in the Daily Mail

Maybe we do. Who knows. It just might be wise to ask yourself why we consider these proportions ideal... who says so? And why do we have to do so much to obtain it? Maybe that's the point... maybe it's SAS-style beauty: Who Dares [to do the most to themselves] Wins? In any event, have a read for yourself. It just seems that, more and more, the undifferentiated (in beauty, consumption, style, whatever) is the desired end-goal nowadays.

Madonna with no makeup