Alexander McQueen for Target and why diffusion lines mean less clutter in the bathroom cabinet

Alexander McQueen for Target Go International
So this isn't really related to beauty but I bet his clothes will be beautiful (yet accessible) for Target's rather successful Go International range. If you're not familiar with it, a slew of big names from the fashion industry create diffusion lines for Target (sort of like a poor man's Marks and Sparks) in America. Proenza Schuler, Alice Temperley, Luella, Paul & Joe et al have done it and, actually, the clothes aren't half bad. The fabrics are cheaper, detail less fine and the designs have more mass appeal but not so much that they're boring (usually).

Why am I writing about this now, a week after the rumours started to circulate? Because, actually, now that I think about it... this news is beauty-related! Too often brands offer endless accessories, cosmetics and cheap scents so that those lacking the black Amex can buy into the brand even if they can't afford the garments. After all, a daisy-topped bottle that sets you back 50 quid is within the realm of affordability for a majority of the population even if the 500 quid jersey knit dress isn't, as Sarah Vine pointed out a few weeks back in her column.

Target's Go International appeals to me because it lets you buy the clothes and into the brand so no more over-priced, hairspray-scented fragrances or lipgloss key chains for the sake of a name and logo. And that is how it relates to beauty as I see it.