Hero brand of the day: Voya uses hand-harvested seaweed

Voya Irish beauty products with hand-harvested seaweed

Seaweed is good for you... good for the skin, good for the gut (and it tastes yummy, especially in miso). Cult Beauty was passed along Voya's details and although we haven't trialled it yet, the family story behind it and the fact that they've, as a brand and family, revived the nearly extinct Irish tradition of the seaweed baths (who knew?).

The site actually gives you quite a bit of background on the Walton family (bless) and on the benefits and properties of the fascinating sea plant... like the fact that it actually goes into a sort of dormant state when it's dried out so not technically dead. I wish I could do that when so dehydrated from a hangover (like today)... just go into a dormant state until re-hydrated. I digress...

They have a Voya Spa and a range of seaweed products, which use hand-harvested Irish seaweed that comes from sustainable sources. The only place we can find them in the UK at the moment is House of Fraser but you can buy Voya online and, of course, if you happen to find yourself in Strandhill, co. Sligo you can always stop in for a quick seaweed bath.