Makeup, make-believe and Max Factor

Max Factor print advertisment for Pan-Cake Makeup

Jezebel pointed us in the direction of John Updike's New Yorker piece on the new book about the original Hollywood makeup artist, Mr. Max Factor. The New Yorker article has a great slide show of old Max Factor print advertisements. The piece also more broadly addresses several other works on beauty and cosmetics, the artifice of superficial beauty and Max Factor's role in such artifice in the 20th century... how funny, for example, that laws were passed in Middle America to ban women under the age of 44 from wearing makeup "for the purpose of creating a false impression". What would they think of our slice 'em and dice 'em culture of the early 21st century if they thought a bit of Pan-Cake makeup was deceptive?! In any event, it's a good read if a strange one.