Cut Flowers by Robin Derrick... Vogue House by day, floral photographer by night

Cut Flowers by Robin Derrick

It's fun to sprinkle this cosmetics column with a bit of beauty from other realms every once in a while... this time it's to give you a heads up about quite a good exhibition coming up in September. Now, every once in a while we find tents with names stitched in them or urinals turned upside down interesting. That's fine on occasion. But I'm a sucker for good, old-fashioned pretty art too.

And these photos would make William Morris quiver with delight. They're mesmerising. Robin Derrick's (yes, of Vogue... that Robin Derrick) photographs are saturated with colour and life but still retain a bit of their painterly Archimboldo/Morris feel... or even Fragonard-esque... or all of them at once, with the excess, repetition and floral/botanical motifs. Derrick's photographs will be at The Old Train Depot in SW8 from the 18th of September:

Robin Derrick Cut Flowers

Robin Derrick Cut Flowers

Robin Derrick Cut Flowers

If you fancy a look, the details are:

The Old Train Depot, 70a Silverthorne Road, London SW8 3HE

Thurs 18th Sept to Wed 8th Oct
12pm to 6pm on Thur, Fri, Sat and also By Appt