Jennifer Connolly for Revlon

Jennifer Connolly and Elle Macpherson are two of the new faces Revlon's recruited for their harem of pretty people to push their actually quite good range of beauty products. I have one friend in Chicago who has used Revlon's ColorStay foundation for nearly 2 decades and you can't beat their quick-dry nail varnish.

Jennifer Connolly, Elle Macpherson, Jessica Alba and Halle Berry

Some of the other faces we've seen touting this brand over the years include Halle Berry (who's still at it) and apparently Jessica Alba, although I think she might be the face they've taken on to attract the younger ladies in America. However, there are two faces that are etched in my memory when I think about this brand... the unforgettable and still-stunning Cindy Crawford and Karen 'Duff' Duffy. So 1980s and early 1990s fabulous...

Cindy Crawford

Karen Duffy