Fictionary launch at Austique

DailyCandy's latest venture into the print world has yielded a fun book that is... strangely useful. Yes, the words are make-believe (hence subtitle "Words That Don't Exist but Should") but a fair few could get real-life mileage (desk-burn, textual harassement and inebridate).

From whence did this ficticious fun come? Easy. DailyCandy Lexicons... a feature on the site that's, let's be honest, lost a smidgen of its appeal recently (so many dedicated emails/sponsored links).

Anyway, tangential post but I thought it worth mentioning that the book is launching at Austique on the Kings Road tonight. Should be a fun little party and I bet all the invitees (FYI: It is invitation-only so don't just rock up and hope for the best) come away with a copy of The Fictionary. Happy weekend, folks.