Launch of Ask Eve Lom Online

Keep an eye out for Ask Eve Lom Online, on soon. It's refreshing to see the traditional world of skincare taking a step towards technology fluency by offering services online to the millions of people who don't have access to their shops.

From 15 Sep to 15 Oct 2008, Lom will host an online skincare surgery, where you can ask Eve your pressing skincare questions... and you will be emailing her directly thus getting proper expert advice.

The the mineral oil (that's my question... why mineral oil?) in the cleansing balm drove my complexion nuts last summer (hello, two week-long cystic acne), but she does have many devout followers who swear by her products. And she did introduce me to the virtues of using a muslin cloth to cleanse my face, so even though I don't use the balm, she did actually add something to my beauty routine.

Check out the new now.