Sneak preview for LFW... Jourdan Dunn

London Fashion Week has officially started. Although most couldn't give a toss, there's a fair chance that, whether you care or not, at least a few things you buy in Spring 2009 will be directly impacted by fashion weeks and the fashion industry... so, we're following it and plucking out only the very few bits we want to read about. On Cult Beauty we'll have just a few posts on spring beauty trends and products, any cool fashion we love to much to ignore and, of course, our model-at-large, Olivia Inge will reporting from backstage.

No need to hand over the entire week to LFW... so to quickly kick things off, here's the first Fashion Week thing that we love:

Jourdan Dunn. We've been coveting a Cult Beauty cover with her for ages but management does keep a tight lease on their girls. Anyway, she's a lovely, strong new face, doesn't look entirely alien-chic, she's not Russian and she's a home-grown London girl. A refreshing break from La Moss, Lilly, Agy and the children of rich rockers.

Jourdan Dunn London Fashion Week