Trish McEvoy masterclass at Selfridges

Trish McEvoy at Selfridges London
American makeup artist and beauty brand creator Trish McEvoy is hosting a masterclass at Selfridges (Oxford Street) Thursday 25 September. What on? A step-by-step approach to looking your best this season with tools like her Luminizer pen and how to create, what she calls, the Sultry Rose look. Note that her 'international team of makeup experts' will be there, which, to me, sounds like there's a chance you won't actually be working directly with Trish.

Regardless, if you're interested call this number to book at spot: 020 7318 2570. I will say right now that I have no idea what, if anything, it costs to go or whether the cost, if there is one, can be deducted from any Trish McEvoy purchases you make that day. Whew... that all sounded rather legal, didn't it?