WODE by Boudicca... new scent in stores

It seems the Queen of the Iceni cuts quite the popular figure in the beauty and fragrance industry at the moment. Along with the launch of Boadicea The Victorious last week, long-standing British fashion house Boudicca has created a fragrance and it's available soon at the perennially so-hip-it-hurts Colette en Paris and Browns Fashion in London.
Wode by Boudicca

Their new scent, Wode, comes in a spray paint can that actually sprays blue, referencing the cobalt blue war paint our warrior queen is fabled to have worn in battle. But don't be alarmed! It disappears from skin and clothing in minutes and you don't need to go to war to wear it. But, if you fancy it, you could go all Braveheart/Boudicca for a few minutes in the bathroom mirror in the morning. Might be a good way to start the day on an energetic note. Indeed, even the name Wode is a play on words as it refers to Woad, a plant extract that turned blue when exposed to oxygen and used in ancient Britain for tribal markings.

The scent has notes of Tuberose, Amber, Cardamom and Clary Sage... one of the other notes is black hemlock, a rare ingredient that we've only found elsewhere in Ormonde Jayne's Ormonde Woman (one of our favourite fragrances to date). That hemlock is one of the ingredients is only fitting in a fragrance dedicated to a warrior who ended her life by drinking the poison on the brink of defeat... although we're not sure we want to wear the scent of defeat and death? We'll wait until we try it to decide. Right now we just think it's a pretty well-developed concept from an innovative brand.