Face Couture by Jelly Pong Pong: Stay a nudge and wink ahead of the pack with custom makeup looks

Face Couture at Jelly Pong Pong

If I'm understanding this concept correctly, it's pretty damn cool. Go into Seven Dial's Jelly Pong Pong shop and get some customised London-style facial accoutrement for as little as 19 squids? Count me in. They do makeup looks of the various London tribes, which is brilliant because there are so different aesthetic turfs in this town. The Notting Hillbillies, the cultural tourists in Hox-ditch Newington, the norf and souf Londoners (innit, tho), Camden Dusty Springfield-ettes... I wonder how they would do Hampstead... Soho... ?

If you've got a night out, hit up TopShop for a quick blowdry at the Hersheson Blowdry Bar before hitting Jelly Pong Pong for their Face Couture custom makeup that'll catch everyone's eye. Buck homogenous makeup trends and welcome a bit of creativity individuality and little magic back into getting pretty.

And, Jelly Pong Pong's shop is AWESOME. So very cool on the inside and you can pick up a few of our favourite products while there: Lip Cushion (squishy, gellatinous fun), Soap Popsicles (all sold out at the moment), Trifle Spongy Lipsticks and FINALLY Dainty Doll for super fair haired and skinned ladies.

Call 0845 224 8943 for more info.