mark makeup: A recession-friendly find

plumping, shiny, colourful lipgloss from mark

So there's a new guy on the makeup block named mark, and, from what I can tell, mark's beauty products seem to be pretty okay for their price point. Let's just ignore the fact that they have chosen the almost-too-vile-words, celebrity-for-no-reason Lauren Conrad and her horribly abbreviated, saccharine smile as a sort of spokesperson (bad decision). The products that I used at a weekend wedding in western Massachusetts were really good. A mate of mine had this lipgloss and an all-over foundation/concealer stick called speedway. Both were brilliant. Really. And the products are only marginally more expensive than that pound-a-piece ELF stuff.

mark speedway all-over makeup and concealer

The gloss stayed on, had a great, warm hue, plumped and smoothed my lips, and looked like glass. The base/concealer hid my circles and spots really well, because it had more of a yellow-green undertone -- perfect to cancel out both purple and red. And it wasn't too heavy... neither was the gloss. If you need some super cheap makeup for a one-off or just because, I like the look of this.

Next up in our cheap chic makeup trials is Primark's new makeup range, which just showed up in the Cult Beauty office yesterday. We here the mascara is as good as MAC's... wonder if it'll stand up to a proper trial by a few of our resident makeup artists.

Anyway, American readers, mark probably isn't new to you but for my UK readers, I highly suggest stocking up on the gloss and speedway next time you're in the states, especially while the exchange rate is still favourable.

(FYI: mark is owned by Avon)