Molton Brown Body Therapies

Molton Brown Body Therapies is, in my mind, a touch similar to Aromatherapy Associates, but it merits a mention all the same. We wonder if this range will be stocked in hotels, etc. where Molton Brown is already stocked? Wouldn't it be a super cool feature if visitors could pick the type of Body Therapies product (Purify or Sleep, for example) they'd have waiting for them in their room, on-board... just a thought. Surely that's a feature hotels and airlines could build into the online booking process.

Anyway, there are 4 ranges: Purify, Unwind, Nurture, Sleep. (Aromatherapy Assoc has Relax, Re-Vive, Destress, Enrich, Balance, Renew, Support.) The most interesting product seems to be the Samphire Body Oil (I LOVE SAMPHIRE. It's the tastiest snack in the world (marsh seaweed) and I am curious how this salty succulent has translated into body oil).

Samphire is a spot on ingredient for a British brand that is still largely produced on this north Atlantic island. Well done. All beauty locavores (beauty consumers who only consume local products or items that employ only local ingredients. Tres chic. As on-trend as the chemi-organic (Botoxed yogis, etc.) will love that one.