Mad Men fashion for you

A Glamour magazine article suggests that Mad Men's costumer designer Janie Bryant might be designing a clothing range. How amazing. I love the show's aesthetic: structured, beautiful colour... no velour track suits or other 'soft clothes' coupled with giant marshmallow trainers in sight. I mean, people, what have we become? A globe of humans living in comfort (clothing) with no self-respect? Generally, we look slovenly. At best, 90 per cent of our young stars look like they've rolled out of bed (sans knickers as their paparazzi shots prove). Sure, there's a place for deconstructed chic but it's not a uniform. We can choose to what we want to wear now, including 1950s frocks! The aesthetic of Mad Men creates a nice disconnect from Jordan, Jodie Marsh, Pussy Cat Dolls et al. Quality, shapes that work with the female body (instead of exposing every inch of flesh and flaw) and, ironically, a sense of creativity. There is a willingness to experiment with patterns, shapes, colours et al...

Bryant's work is reminiscent of Edith Head's iconic costumer design, Cecil Beaton's work and Jacqueline Durran's costumes (e.g. Kiera's green dress in Atonement).

If you haven't seen Mad Men, it's a good show even if simply for admiring the visuals of it.