Scented advertising? Smells like a bad idea to me.

A recent headline about the fragrance industry read: Scent emitting ads may help fragrance companies rebound in 2009. Whatever nutter wrote that one is naive or s/he's never had the pleasure of entering a department store only to be accosted by a deranged spray lady, eyes wide with desperation as she lunges at the unwilling and unwitting to the throbbing beat of her varicose veins at the end of a 4-hour shift on her feet with a still-full bottle of some asphyxiating potion.

Scented advertising is a BAD idea, unless it's going to be scratch 'n' sniff advertising, which would, on the contrary, be quite cool (Demeter should do this. In fact, any perfume company that wants to do a bit of super cool, subversive advertising should do this. You heard it here first). Don't drive-by spray me with Obsession in Duty Free before a 9-hour flight. That's just a plain cruel.