4th Floor Salon limited-edition shampoos


I'm late on the uptake with this and I've left the draft languishing in my drafts for weeks. But it's a cool project and I like Wallpaper's treatment of the intersection between design and beauty with interviews by the four designers (geddit... there's a theme around the number 4). 4th Floor is probably classified as so cool it hurts (although I just find it cool) and is located in an industrial building in Clerkenwell. This project is a collection of limited-edition sleeves designed for their 4 shampoo flavours (Green Tea and Mandarin, Mint and Lime, Fig and Neroli, Rosemary and Eucalyptus) for the salon's 20th birthday. The designers are: Tom Dixon (furniture and lighting Designer), John Pawson (Architect), Sophie Smallhorn (Sculpture) and Brad Lochore (Artist). If you haven't visited the space, it would be worth doing so, even if just for the view. It's all windows and white space above the skyline, quite a change from street-level salons.