Sleb beauty goss... Aniston cosmetics... hairless Halle?

Jennifer Aniston Beauty ContractJennifer Aniston is shopping around for a beauty contract. Jen, just say no to the sleb fragrance glut. Work with your assets... I don't care what you smell like, but, man, there are many a girl out there who would kill for your hair. And not in the Jessica Simpson hair extension sort of way.

Highlights, serums, colour enhancing shampoos... styling creams. Things that make big, frizzy Greek hair look sleek, smooth and shiny, just like you've done. Something simple, something California. And partner with an expert. Get Hamadi in there or Neil George, girl. Don't go it alone with a drugstore brand.

WWD says 'her publicist could not be reached for comment. If the reports are true, it would mean Aniston will continue the celebrity beauty trend that has especially dominated the fragrance business, joining names ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Lopez to the Beckhams and Mariah Carey. Welcome to the club?'

All we can say, Jen, is don't fall prey to the celeb scent trend. Rachel didn't get famous for her fragrance. It was the hair, girl... the hair! Smell like the girl next door? Boring... but she always has lush hair!

In other follicular news, Halle Berry's gonna shave her head for a role... in Nappily Ever After. Which clearly means she's now a 'serious' actress. Just like Demi Moore in GI Jane. Why oh why do actresses think that getting fat (and going sans makeup) on screen or shaving their head makes them serious? No doubt, she'll get an Oscar nod for it.