Bobbi Brown U

Bobbi Brown's alma mater in Boston is offering professional (and weekend courses for the hobbyist) courses in make up artisty this spring, it seems. I stumbled across an article about this on Glam the other and thought the one-day Saturday workshop would make a brilliant mini-break for anyone who loves a good bit of maquillage and really wants to rationalise a long weekend away Stateside.

The weekend courses start mid-March, there is one per month through May and each class size is limited to 25 people. All courses are taught by Kimberly Soane, Manager of Artistry, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and each has a different theme (10-step, Special Occassion, Mother/Daughter). Each course is $200 (incl. lunch that day). Professional courses are week-long, intensive jammies. You don't have to be an Emerson student either.

Bobbi Brown at Emerson (001.617.824.8280).