Candles for the fash pack on the go

Otis Batterbee City Scent CandlesIf you're jetting from fashion week to fashion week (a. you must have a very secure job to be given such a task in this economic climate and b. you lucky dawg), you're going to be loaded up with a ton of swag by the end of it. But chances are you're going to want a few things of your own and of good quality in your Asprey carry-on that you can use after long days of working the tents and parties. These three candles are inspired by Otis Batterbee's favourite hotels in his favourite cities (The Ritz in Paris, The Carlyle in NYC and The Covent Garden Hotel in London). Take 1 (instead of 3) with you to keep your room smelling lovely and to keep your luggage under weight. And at £35.00 this candle set isn't in the upper stratosphere of price. It's not cheap as chips but, if nice candles are a must for you (and for some peopel they are), then it ain't all that bad.

Otis Batterbee Travel Sleep MaskPersonally, I think the travel eye mask's are worth buying too. They're backed with 100 per cent cotton velvet, lightly scented with lavender and they come in things like Prince of Wales Check? Natty as a Saville Row tailor and would making any sleeping beauty (or beast) draw admiring stares (unless you drool, in which case they'll be staring at that instead).

In any event, thanks for the tip little beauty bird (we love our anonymous email tips). This is a faboo find.

Otis Batterbee