Victoria Secret Pink Body


Purveyors of all things push-up, Victoria's Secret Pink Body has jumped on the natural bandwagon with a new vegan, organic range of body products. All ingredients are from the US (first time I've seen a truly big company do the local thing), and are free from sulfites, parabens and mineral oil. Energizing, Nourshing, Soothing and Essential are the four types of products on offer (seeing quite a spike in products with names like this... think Molton Brown Body Therapies).


The site is pretty but I would really like a list of all the ingredients, especially since the new range's USP is all about the ingredients. It's affordable too with most things priced at 2 for $20 (very Bath & Body Works pricing strategy). Good, clean lines with the packaging, a lot of white and green... overall, probably not a bad drugstore beauty buy, although we won't know for sure until testing.

Speaking of, another brand you should seriously look into if you want good organic products at drugstore prices is Skin Blossom Organic Skincare. The handcream is great (and smells good) and they have a new cleanser and moisturiser on the market. Everything's under £6.95. Not bad. And they have full ingredient lists for each product. Worth looking into and available at