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the Beauty Scoop beauty supplementRecently, I've been into supplements. Never one to take vitamins before (thought they didn't worked... real food does the trick just fine), I've recently started gulping down a B5/Folic Acid, Ginko, Evening Primrose, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin E (redundant, I know), a baby aspirin and a multi-vitamin. On top of that I've started putting Maca powder and Spirulina (I'm a veggie... good source of protein but not so tasty. Or rather very flavourful, in a bad way) into a blender with some fruit and ice and soy milk and 5 minutes later I have a shake that looks very very very good for me. Smells like it too.

I trialled the Imedeen pills about a year ago and noticed a difference in my hair and skin so have decided to go in search of other beauty supplements. Beauty from the inside out is, after all, a trend that's been on the rise for a few years and show's no signs of abating.

So, imagine my luck when I stumbled across the Beauty Scoop supplement whilst rifling through the DailyCandy archive. Not new but very interesting... sounds too good to be true. It was featured just a month ago on Fox News in America (no, not a bastion of truth and light as some below the Mason-Dixon line would have you believe, but pretty good for lifestyle stories) about how to get better skin.

You create a shake by adding the powder in the packet to a cup of boiling water and, thusly, get a hefty intake of Peptides, Antioxidants, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and two types of protein with added Vanilla to make it easier to gulp down than my Maca and Spirulina (cringe) health shake.

It is now on my list of products to trial. We've already sniffed out a few... ingestible collagen, more skin supplements (Borba, Glowelle, Murad), at-home detox kits...

Beauty Scoop