Selfridges has started stocking an interesting new product called Delo. They're little caps you screw onto the top of a water bottle (apparently only in French half litre size so start stocking up on Badoit). The caps release their herbal contents only as you drink. Each cap contains the equivalent of 6 sachets.


It's great too because you don't need to buy a new bottle of water each time you want to use one of these suckers. Just pop it back on after you refill the bottle. There are 5 flavours (de-stress, energy, sun, slim and sexy) each with a unique combo of herbs that correlate to the action you want to take (de-stress with Hawthorn and Orange Blossom or feel more energetic with Ginseng, Guarana and Acerola).

Delo launched at the Colette water bar in 2007 and is now available exclusively at Selfridges.