Things are a bit silent right now because I'm knee-deep in updates for the second edition of the LUXE city guide for London, which I do on the side. Fabulous gem of a guide published by two fabulous men. Even if you're a local, I suggest buying it. All the best spots in town are packed into this diminutive (in size, not content) travel guide.

Forthcoming in this space is: A spa review, 2 book reviews, some backstage goodness and a few more odds and ends.

Plus, next week we fly many many hours from a really pleasant London (loving the weather) to drive up Highway 1 in California (in a convertible... how that happened, I have no idea.) for some serious wine tasting and we're stopping at all the good beauty spots along the way. No, I'm not rich. I have to go to a wedding... and the man is a serious wine nerd so we combined to trips into one. Any suggestions? Muy exciting, amiguitos.