Dr. Frank Lipman reveals how to become un-Spent

Dr. Frank LipmanDr. Frank Lipman did an interview for Gwyneth Paltrow on her site GOOP.com just yesterday and he's given Cult Beauty the transcript... read on to see what he recommends to live a life less Spent.

What does SPENT mean?
"SPENT is the word I use to describe people that are overwhelmed, fatigued and feel older than their years. Does this scenario sound familiar? You wake up in the morning groggy and need coffee or something sugary to get going. Then you need more of the same later in the day to keep going. Your brain feels foggy; you’re not sleeping well; your body aches all over; your cold never goes away, and your sex drive is down. You are running on empty, your energy account is tapped-out, you are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted... spent. Interestingly most people think it is normal to feel like this."

What are some practical things we can do to get back in rhythm?
"Eat in accordance to your body’s rhythms. Since your metabolism peaks at about noon, it is better for your body to have a bigger breakfast and lunch and smaller dinner. Eat good fats and protein for breakfast because that is what your body needs for fuel during the day. All-natural smoothies are a great way to get both of these into your diet. The typical sugar and carb-laden breakfast of a bagel, muffin, toast or sugary cereal are just about the worst things you can have; so avoid those at all costs."

Read the full interview here.