Drew Barrymore finally finds a look that suits her


Drew Barrymore Grey Gardens premier Just Jared
To me, Drew
Barrymore seems like the sort of woman who just always looks like a little girl playing dress up with her mum's cosmetics and jewellery. She never seems to sport looks that really fit her body and personality, with the blue confection of a dress and the tranny bouffant on the red carpet recently driving that point home.

What must make it difficult is that she doesn't sit at either end of the conventionally attractive spectrum for white girls: she's not a bombshell and she's not a girl next door (although I'm sure thousands of you will disagree with me on that point). She's somewhere in the middle... To date, I have never seen her in anything I really like... until now. It looks like somebody finally figured out her attractiveness.

It's 1920s glamour, a look I never would previously associated with Barrymore. It's the most flattering and natural thing I've seen her in. She should do a lot more period dressing from this era... Seeing her in pics at this premier she looks very Daisy as played by Mia Farrow (not in personality). She rocks the Gatsby-era garb and make up.

The round face, arched brows, sharp little nose, pale complexion, wavd bob and soft (in a good way. I am so sick of seeing vein-covered biceps on women) figure are exactly what was au fait in the 20s. Just look at Mary Pickford, Clara Bow or Louise Brooks (my absolute favourite) and you'll get what I mean.

Whoever styled Miss Barrymore for the Grey Gardens premier, well done you.

Photos of Drew Barrymore are from Just Jared.