Agy not channeling Marilyn at Met

As this is going to be an op-ed section, the first post, fittingly, is my strong opinion on Agy's channelling of lead female in an episode of Magnum PI with her look at the Met Costume Institute Gala last week.

Not working.

Wipe off the bronzer and brush out the bouffant. I read a journo's comments on her, saying she was  'channeling Marilyn Monroe' that night. Hardly. The only similarity (notice that word is singular) lay in the platinum tresses. She's no more Marilyn than Pink is Marlene Dietrich.

One of the behaviours in the beauty/fashion media that sets my teeth on edge is the ability to draw comparisons between iconic figures and model/actress/girl du jour based on a single feature or characteristic, natural or not. The single feature that caused the Marilyn comparison here? Blonde coif.

Silver screen? No. 1980s glamour? Yes. Call a spade a spade, friends. Thomas Magnum would look more at home on her arm than Arthur Miller would in this get up.

Agy is an interesting model so why water it down with attempts at retro, calendar girl glamour? She falls left of the model center with her flat cheek bones (well done with the contour powder here) even though she possesses requisite button nose, doe eyes and big lips. She's an English punk, which is endearing, not a traditional beauty with mass appeal. Part of why she's a good, successful model is her everyday-ness. She's almost like a -- gasp! -- regular person with slightly exaggerated features and a thinner, tallish physique.  Work with that and put her in a cool shift or tartan frock with funky makeup. I'd take an edgy Agy any day over the packaged version in this picture.