First beauty port of call: The South Pacific

The internet does not divulge many secrets about beauty in Tonga. Monoi (made from the tiara flower and, congrats to the Monoi Institute, now has the French Appelation d'Origine Controlle (like Champagne), Coconut, Noni and Coffee are big beauty ingredients from the South Pacific and I am giddy with anticipation to get my hands on local oils and coffee. My hair and skin will be glistening for weeks and I'll make a homemade version of the NUXE/Nars/Carita Monoi Oils! When I searched for Tahitian, Fijian, etc. brands, all that came up were South Pacific-inspired (and many French-owned) brands like Hei Poa, Monyette Paris, Elemis, Pacifica, Amore Pacific et al. Great brands, many of those, but where are the local Fijian, Tahitian, Samoan and Tongan brands?

One of my favourite brands about 10 years ago was the Tahitian-inspired fragrance brand Comptoir Sud Pacifique. The range is super sweet but strangely wearable and (I know this sounds sort of odd)... guys seem to really like them. This must be what they believe the scent of a woman to be when growing up, huh? Sugar and spice and everything nice and all that... Aloha Tiare is the original scent in the range and still one of the best. It was created in Tahiti in 1978 and the main notes are Monoi (yum) and Coconut. Vanille Coco and Amour de Cacao were my scents of choice back in the day.

[Editor's note: Two Polynesian brands I've JUST found in my web searches are Clé des Champs and Terrake.]

Do you know any South Pacific brands or brands inspired by the region? Email me with brand names if you do!