Planning the global circumnavigation

This round the world trip will mainly be paid for with points and miles (in an attempt to not end up completely destitute after we land in our final destination). Since we're doing it that way, we have to forgo the usual 16 stops for just 5 stopovers, but we've figured out a way around that: landing somewhere central in a few places and doing budget airlines from that hub.

The route:

(1) Chicago to Tonga --> (2) Tonga will be a base for other South Pacific Islands -->Tonga to Hong Kong via (3) New Zealand or (4) Australia --> (5) Hong Kong to (6) Delhi --> From Delhi we'll travel northern India and Nepal --> Delhi to (7) Zurich or Munich --> From Zurich/Munich, we'll rent a car and drive Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia (my favourite country on the planet)... --> Zurich/Munich to Kenya for (8) Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania --> Kenya to (9) New York --> Two weddings to attend in August: Philadelphia and Washington D.C. --> Mid-Atlantic coast to the Boundary Waters --> Boundary Waters to home.

Continents to be visited: 5

I am breathless with the anticipation of all the good beauty booty I'll find in these far-flung destinations... stay tuned because, Tonga, here we come!