The Organic Pharmacy Deluxe Pedicure

Elspeth Waters had a preview of the new Deluxe Pedicure Treatment last week and is here to tell you that even the most pedicure averse person should stop in for this treatment.

"Being rather disturbed by feet – mine in particular – a pedicure is not something I’ve ever really contemplated. But when the chance to test The Organic Pharmacy’s newly-launched Deluxe Rose Pedicure fell in my lap, I decided it was time to fight the feet fear. After all, maybe if I prettied them up a little, I wouldn’t dislike them so much? Sure, I have a slight bunion on one side and my nails are cut any which-way but straight… but I figured whoever was going to get the pleasure of seeing my little piggies must surely have seen worse… right?

And it turned out she – the delightfully and aptly named Rose – had indeed seen worse. She even called my feet beautiful. Now, I’m sure she was just being kind, but I certainly feel a lot better about my little stumps after 75 minutes in this girl’s company!

So, to the treatment. Well, I have absolutely no experience in this arena, of course, but I suspect you’d be hard pressed to beat it. While I sipped delicious rose petal tea and reclined on the bed, Rose bathed my feet in a basin of piping hot Cleopatra Milk Bath and rose buds, scrubbing them with Cleopatra Body Scrub. It wasn’t entirely relaxing at this point but I’m sure my dull, hard skin needed a good seeing to.

Then came the indulgent reflexology and lymphatic drainage with essential oils for the feet and calves – heavenly. And, apparently this can help flush out toxins and alleviate water retention to leave calves looking slimmer (perfect for cankle-proofing in time for summer). I’m not sure I lost any width off my trunks but they sure looked glowing and full of lustre afterwards.

And finally we came to the traditional pedicure treatment – file, shape and polish. Although inclined to go for my trusted dark red, as I knew I’d be wearing a purple dress at a wedding the next day I chose a light pink, which looked pretty good in the dimly-lit treatment room. Unfortunately, by the next afternoon it was already a bit streaky. Perhaps it hadn’t dried before I left despite Rose dabbing on some protective Lemon and Neem Nail Oil after the quick-drying top coat. I was a bit disappointed but my toes still looked pretty neat and groomed, which is not a state my friends are used to.

All in all, a perfectly luxurious Rose experience. Rose body lotion, Rose body spritz to refresh, Rose chocolate to compliment the sweet tea… and of course, the lovely Rose herself.

I am very happy with my new digits – even my feet-phobic boyfriend had to admit they look far less offensive. But then as he has a fleshy growth on one of his toes that he insists is “perfectly normal”, I suppose I probably shouldn’t pay too much heed to his opinion, really."

The Organic Pharmacy Deluxe Pedicure launched on May 1 and costs £70 for 75 minutes. For more information call: 020 7351 2232 or visit