The reliability of product reviews

Having written about beauty online and offline for about 6 years, I'm passionatly skeptical when it comes to most of the things that I read about beauty. Sheer desperation for real information instead of bold-faced lies, half-truths, double talk and general nonsense was the reason I started blogging beauty two years ago when I created the cult beauty blog.

Magazines are great fun to read, but it's public knowledge nowadays that most beauty pages are paid advertorial, meaning that even the 'editor's picks' pages you're reading will have at least a few product placements for pushy parent brands who advertise with them.

Many of the online reviews and beauty news I read are written poorly or lack substance and, just like the Beauty Brains, LibertyLondonGirl, BritishBeautyBlogger and Miss Malcontent all point out, it's hard to know who to trust, how scientific and exact said product trials truly are, what the motivation is behind the write up, etc.

This post by the Beauty Brains on the reliability of beauty reviews is really thoughtful and raises many excellent points. It's worth a read. Keep the points made in mind when reading reviews.

Reading reviews is fun and often times informative but but don't take them at face value. Check to make sure that it has reliable sources, is written by someone with knowledge on the subject and add it to the pile of research you should be amassing on whatever it is you're looking up.

Read The Beauty Brains blog post on beauty product reviews.