Passport To Beauty book

Shalini Vadhera is a Global Goddess, at least according to her website. And she's penned the beauty book Passport To Beauty: Secrets and Tips From Around The World For Becoming A Global Goddess.

It appears to be full of miscellaneous beauty tips from around the world and instructions on how to re-create the products yourself... cleansing masks, exfoliating blends, lotions et al. The site quotes White Clay masks from Australia, White Tea, an ancient Chinese anti-ageing secret and Coconut Oil for glossy, shimmering hair as in South Asia as a teaser of what's to come if you read the book.

Um, a book with all sorts of amazing tips and secrets about beauty from around the globe? It will be my beauty bible on the road if they sell it on the Kindle. My name was very quickly added to that newsletter list. Girls, if you can't leave home to go hunt down good beauty booty in other countries, maybe start somewhere like Passport To Beauty. What a coup for my research.