Otylia Roberts moves to George Street

Otylia has officially been in her new location for a few weeks now. Thankfully, it's at street level with big windows. Her previous location was in the basement and as the best beauty therapist for waxing in London, she shouldn't be in the basement of another salon. After all, she is the one who brought the Brazilian wax to the UK. She uses that great peel-off hard wax (like that used at Strip) and gets right in there with tweezers for missed hairs at the end, although, believe me, there are few, if any, missed hairs. When they grow back, ingrowns are few and far between, and a wax from Otylia seems to last much longer than waxers I've had elsewhere (which leads me to believe that most others just break the hair where she really does pull it out, follicle and all). And it's, on a relative scale, less painful than other Brazilian waxes I've had. 

Otylia Roberts Beauty Centre23 George Street, London W1U 3QA (0207 486 5537, www.otyliaroberts.co.uk)